Services We Provide


Mission Patrol Security provides a wide range of security guard services for both businesses and individuals. No matter the circumstances, Mission Patrol Security will be there for you! Our professional, courteous, and experienced staff will make sure that all of your security needs are met. At Mission Patrol Security, your security needs are of the highest concern. We understand the importance of security as it applies to both commercial companies and private citizens.

Our services can adapt to any situation. We have a team of highly trained personnel ranging from ex-military to local law enforcement. Our services to the USA have always been the center of our focus. Security is a service that you cannot afford to cut corners with, so make sure to choose the best. Despite continually warning our clients of the consequences of not using security to protect their homes, businesses, and events, we still see the impact of poor security.

Professionally trained officers… 

Mission Patrol Security is comprised of professionals with a wide range of training. We employ security officers, law enforcement, and U.S. Armed Forces veterans for their varied expertise. Upon discussing your security needs, we will promptly provide a comprehensive security solution in accordance with your specific circumstances.

Our agents have the proven credibility to adapt and perform in any situation, setting, or condition that may occur, while also providing the highest quality of professional services to our clients. Hiring Mission Patrol Security is the first step to preventing crime. Whenever potential criminals realize that you have hired security personnel for your business, they will reconsider. Our security professionals are trained to detect various forms of crime, allowing them to rapidly evaluate whether a situation is potentially criminal or not.

Each officer is trained for a specific expertise. Some officers are trained to immediately handle the crime, while others are trained to take down the details of the situation, or to assist in detaining the suspected criminal. Whether you choose to hire an armed guard or not, Mission Patrol Security is committed to providing you with the best solution.

The primary reason why property owners hire Mission Patrol Security is for a sense of security. People who are working in high risk areas can feel more confident in their safety when proper security is nearby. Having security available helps your workers feel safe, letting them focus on their job – they are more efficient, and provide better results.